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Doorman Access Solutions

Doorman™ Access Solutions Pet Door

Electronic Cat and Dog Door

Tired of Being Your Pet's Personal Doorman?
Give your pets the freedom to safely come and go as they please

The Invisible Fence® Brand Doorman™ is the perfect complement to your Invisible Fence® Brand system. This programmable wireless electronic pet door gives your dogs and cats the ability to safely exit and enter your home.

Invisible Fence Brand DoormanThe Doorman™ Access Solution is the ultimate in pet door convenience, partnered with the advanced electronic safety features. Doorman™ electronic pet door brings the dream of a secure, safe cat and dog door to your home- guaranteed.

How the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door Works

The Doorman™ electronic cat and dog door works seamlessly with your pet's Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® unit. When your dog or cat approaches the electronic pet door, it automatically unlocks, allowing them to come and go as they please. One collar, one solution, complete security.

Why Choose the Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door

  • Integrates directly with our yard solutions for total freedom and access
  • Professional-grade construction
  • Lasting durability and superior insulation
  • Seamlessly blends into home environments

Open your home to pet door happiness the easy way. The Doorman® Access Solution is compatible with the Boundary Plus® or 800 Series Transmitters and MicroLite®, Boundary Plus® receiver, or Maxdog® Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® unit.

Contact Canine Company today to upgrade your system for as low as $139. Canine Company offers installation of the Doorman™ electronic pet door in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York in Westchester and on Long Island.

Invisible Fence Brand Doorman
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