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Underground Wire Pet Containment System

Indoor and Outdoor Pet Free Zones for Your Dog or Cat

Invisible Fence® Brand's Shields® are small, completely portable, wireless pet containment system transmitters that work seamlessly with your Computer Collar® unit and can be placed anywhere that you'd like to keep your pet away from. The innovative PetFree™ zone can be set from 2' in diameter up to 12' and easily eliminates jumping over baby gates, trashcan diving, counter surfing and couch sleeping.

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Use Our Wireless Pet Containment System to Create Pet Free™ Zones

Canine Company® can help you create "pet free" zones indoors & outdoors - even in areas where your Invisible Fence® Brand system doesn't reach. Our wireless pet containment system products are easy to use and set-up, and usually don't require an in-home service call.

All of the wireless pet containment products work seamlessly with your Invisible Fence® Brand outdoor pet containment system. Your dog already understands how their collar and fence work - you are just going to add a new area to contain your pet inside or outside your home!

By using the Invisible Fence® Brand wireless pet containment system, you can easily create "pet free zones" in laundry rooms, children’s rooms, around furniture, playgrounds, gardens, pools, or just about anywhere you want your dog to avoid.

Outdoor Pet Containment Systems

The Outdoor Wireless Avoidance Shields® are designed to look like rocks and blend into the landscape while containing your pet. The Outdoor Wireless Avoidance Shields® are freestanding pet containment units that use tested digital technology to create an outdoor containment area for your dog or cat.

The wireless pet containment avoidance Shields® units set up in minutes and send a signal out from its center. You adjust the signal's radius from 2 to 10 feet to create your pet-free area. The outdoor rock pet free Shield® can be placed in gardens, flowerbeds, play areas, or walkways - so you can have peace of mind knowing those areas are free of digging, chewing, and other messes.

Indoor Pet Containment Systems

Invisible Fence® Brand Sheilds® Indoor Transmitters from Canine Company are small 5-inch units that work seamlessly with our outdoor solution using our innovative Computer Collar® unit. It sets up in minutes and sends a signal out from its center. You adjust the signal's radius and the signal field to create your pet free containment area. The small wireless indoor pet containment unit can be placed under furniture, mounted on walls, or placed near stairs - and your dog or cat will respect that space because of the signal it transmits to his Computer Collar® unit.

If you've got certain areas of your home that you'd like to post a "No Trespassing" sign for your pet, use one of our pet containment products and get started today! Canine Company offers Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment installation in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York in Westchester and on Long Island.

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