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Indoor Invisible Fence® Brand for Pets

Invisible Indoor Dog and Cat Fences

Invisible Fence® Brand's small, completely portable, wireless transmitters work seamlessly with your pet’s Computer Collar®unit and can be placed anywhere that you'd like to keep your dog or cat away from, acting as an invisible indoor pet gate. The innovative PetFree™ invisible zone can be set from 2' in diameter up to 12', and easily eliminates doggie gates, trashcan diving, counter surfing and couch sleeping. Indoor solutions are also an ideal solution for those who love their pets, but suffer from allergies.

Canine Company offers a variety of innovative Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment systems for INSIDE your home.

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Invisible Fence® Brand Indoor Invisible Pet Containment

Indoor Invisible Fence Brand for Pets Invisible Fence® Brand Shields® are portable indoor pet containment transmitter that provide superior containment and avoidance solutions for your dog or cat by sending a signal to the Computer Collar® unit. The signal serves as an invisible pet gate inside your home allowing you to establish pet free zones.

Shields® Indoor Avoidance System for Pet Containment

The Shields® Indoor Avoidance System allows you control the areas in your home your pet is allowed to go, and setting others ass off-limits. The Shields® Indoor Avoidance System acts as an invisible dog gate around objects or areas of your home you would like to designate as pet free.

Design for Multiple Pets

The Shields® Indoor Avoidance System is perfect for home with two or more pets. Pet owners can adjust the system to allow access to one pet while denying access to another.

How to Create Pet Free Zones Indoors

Our Indoor Pet Containment Transmitters are portable - and designed to work with your pets’ existing Computer Collar®.

Select the areas that you would like to make "pet free" in your home. The indoor pet containment transmitters can be hidden behind furniture, under stairs, in between floors or mounted on a wall. Since the signal field is adjustable, you can protect as large or small of an area of your home as you'd like.

How Our Invisible Fence Brand® Indoor System Works with Your Pet

When your pet approaches a designated pet free zone he/she's not allowed to enter, the Computer Collar® unit sounds a warning tone. Just like your outdoor Invisible Fence® Brand system, the signal acts as an invisible pet or dog gate. A few simple training lessons teach your pet to stop when he hears this tone. No more keeping all the doors closed, counter surfing, or trashcan diving.

To schedule a free indoor pet containment consultation, contact us today. Our experts will visit your home, meet your pet and give you a free quote on your new indoor Invisible Fence® Brand system customized to fit your needs. At Canine Company, we provide indoor and outdoor pet containment solutions throughout Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York in Westchester and on Long Island.

Ready to fine the perfect indoor solution for you? CF Paw

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