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Vet Endorsements for Invisible Fence® Brand Systems

Vet Endorsements for Invisible Fence<sup>®</sup> Brand Systems

Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment systems are recommended by more veterinarians than any other type of electric or underground fence.

Why? See what the vets say:

Dr. Peter Eeg: “Behavior problems caused by unspent dog energy strain the human/animal bond. An Invisible Fence® system allows dogs the safe off-leash aerobic exercise they need. The freedom to run, play and explore, unconfined by restrictive fences or dog runs, produces dogs who are fun to live with and easier to manage. The key, as I see it, is the combination of training with technology. You must have that right combination for a system such as this to work.”

As owner and director of Maryland-based Poolesville Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Peter Eeg has lectured extensively on topics such as Patient Quality of Life, Human-Animal Bond and topics related to animal behavior and pain management.

Dr. Robert Taylor: “At Alameda East Animal Hospital we see the worst of what happens to pets when they are unattended and get hit by a car or accidentally poisoned when animals ingest harmful household poisons. It’s important for pet owners to invest in protection for their dogs and cats so that’s why we always recommend Invisible Fence® Brand.”

Dr. Robert Taylor, a highly respected animal surgeon, started his own 24 hour practice, the Alameda East Animal Hospital in Denver, Colorado. He is the star of Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets” and has performed around 17,000 surgeries. Dr. Taylor has written three books and has authored several veterinary textbooks, chapters and scientific articles. He has been a teacher and innovator in general orthopedics physical therapy.

When you purchase an Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment system, you and your dog(s) take advantage of nearly 40 years of patented, innovative pet containment technology. Invisible Fence® Brand systems have been continually updated over the last 4 decades to ensure that your pets have the best possible protection. More than 1 million pets enjoy the safety and security of their Invisible Fence®, and we have earned their owners' trust by delivering high quality pet protection!

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