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The Best Invisible Dog and Cat Fences

Invisible Fence® Brand dog and cat containment solutions are some of the best pet containment solutions on the market. At Canine Company, our reliable installation, expert pet training, warrantees and service plans are second to none.

As an existing client, you know the peace of mind that Invisible Fence® Brand fencing systems provide, but did you know that we have portable indoor and outdoor solutions, too? Our pet shop offers a wide range of products for your Invisible Fence® Brand system including batteries, travel systems, and replacement parts to maintain or expand your system.

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Indoor Solutions Computer Collars Invisible Fence Accessories Schedule Service
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Complete Care Plan Doorman Access Solutions Outdoor Solutions Training

Invisible Fence® Brand Accessories

Canine Company offers a full line of parts and accessories to enhance your home’s Invisible Fence® Brand system. From fashion collars to electronic pet doors, here at Canine Company, we have all the Invisible Fence® Brand accessories you will need to keep your pet happy and safe in your home and yard.v

Indoor Invisible Fence® Brand Systems

At Canine Company we offer indoor Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment systems that work along with your outdoor Invisible Fence® Brand pet fence. Our indoor solutions make it easier then ever to keep your pets off the counter, couch and out of any other areas you want to keep pet free. Learn more about our indoor pet containment options.

Outdoor Invisible Fence® Brand Systems

The reason the Invisible Fence® Brand System is considered the best Invisible dog and cat fence system is because it is more than just your average pet fence. The outdoor Invisible Fence® Brand System enables homeowners to create a customized solution to pet containment, creating boundaries and keeping your pet safe. Whether you are looking to keep your pet away from the road, out of your favorite flower bed or out of harms way, at Canine Company we have the Invisible Fence® Brand Solution to help.

Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® Units

Canine Company carries Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® units. We offer a variety of Invisible Fence® Brand system collars to operate with your Invisible Fence® Brand transmitter. Learn more about which collar is right for your system, pet and yard.

Invisible Fence® Brand Training

At Canine Company we offer certified training programs for Invisible Fence® Brand system owners and their dogs or cats. Our training is gentle, effective and fun. It’s the perfect partner to the best invisible fencing system on the market.

Canine Company Complete Care Plan

Learn more about what makes Invisible Fence® Brand systems the best invisible pet containment system on the market. Check out our Complete Care Plan for the best service/repair for your Invisible Fence® Brand System.

Canine Company offers Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment installation in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York in Westchester and on Long Island.

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