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Gentle Leader Harness

Gentle Leader Dog Harness  - Safe - Gentle - Effective
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Price: $18.00 
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Product Description:

Does your dog pull on the leash or lunge ahead of you when you take him for a walk?

The Premier Pet Gentle Leader Dog Harness is THE effective way to stop your dog from pulling so you can walk without feeling dragged.

It is based on the principle that your dog’s body will follow where his head leads him. It is a safe harness that fits easily over his head and is much more effective than a traditional choke collar.


  • The Gentle Leader is NOT a muzzle - your dog may eat, drink, fetch, and bark normally while wearing it.
  • The harness exerts gentle pressure on the dog's neck - exactly the reverse of a traditional collar - so your dog stays in control and at your side.
  • May be used on puppies as early as 8 weeks! 

Petite(XS): Fits tiny dogs or very small puppies 5 lbs or less.
Fits dogs or puppies from 5 - 25 lbs.
Medium:  Fits dogs or large puppies from 25 - 60 lbs.
Large:  Fits dogs with an adult weight of 60 - 130 lbs.
XL: Fits dogs 130 lbs. or more

Premier Pet Gentle Leader Dog Harness is the effective way to stop your dog from pulling so you can walk without feeling dragged.

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