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Woman doing yoga with a dog looking up at her.

Exercising Your Dog Indoors

Fun & Games

If it is too cold or too hot to go outside, there are plenty of ways you can get your dog's daily exercise accomplished indoors. All dogs should be getting at least some exercise each day, but if the weather is not cooperating, you can always work with them inside. This infographic illustrates some fun ways that you and your dog can some steps in around the house. 

1. Interact with them

  • Get on the ground with them, pet them, dangle or throw a toy around, just engage with them in any way. It can be a great way for you and your dog to bond as well.

2. Hide treats around the house

  • Find a few corners in your house and hide some treats or rewards under or behind something. Your dog can maneuver around the house searching for treats.

3. Teach them new tricks

  • Work on a new trick like high-five or play dead. Training is a great way for them to exhaust their mind and body, they might even need a nap after.

4. Put them on a treadmill

  • Have them walk at a slow pace for a few minutes on a treadmill. Just stay close by to monitor them and only do this for short periods of time.  

5. Set up an obstacle course

  • Use cups, chairs and other things around the house. You can even put some toys and treats as distractions.

6. Use food puzzle toys

  • Put their meal in a puzzle toy so they have to work to eat their food. This is great for the mental stimulation as they complete a task for a meal. 

7. Have them chase bubbles

  • Blow some bubbles around the house so your dog can pop them. Some dogs may not be interested and you should also do this for just a short time.

8. Doggy yoga classes

  • Yoga is great to help your dog stretch out. Check out some doggy yoga classes online and see how your dog likes it.

9. Red Light, Green Light

  • This game is fun for the whole family. Play it with your dog and reward them when they get it right.

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