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Experienced and trained groomers often have techniques and preferred products that improve the grooming experience for everyone involved, especially your dog. Here are some of the most useful pieces of inside information from our team of groomers at Canine Company.

The KONG® Zoom Groom dog scrubber. This handy rubber scrubber is good for shampooing as well as massaging. In the words of one Canine Company groomer, “It draws out loose hair like a magnet, and it’s safe to use on the face. Going against the coat lifts it up and makes it open and loose.” 

Stress-free nail trimming techniques. “For black nails, I start trimming right at the base of the triangle, just at the point where it starts to get wide,” says one of our groomers. She also reminds pet parents to position the trimmer to cut from a vertical position above or below the nail – not with the trimmers parallel to the ground, which can hurt the dog.

Dealing with fleas, ticks and ear mites. According to one Canine Company groomer, inspection is the key to dealing with parasites. “For ticks, look between the toes, around the ears, mouth and eyes, and under the tail,” she says. “For fleas, look where the coat is the thinnest, and for ear mites, check for black wax and lots of itching in the ear.”

The 3 products needed to prevent matting. “If you’re going to keep mats from forming on your dog, we recommend three tools,” says one groomer. “A slicker brush, detangler spray, and a comb. Start at the base of the knot and use detangler spray as you go.” She adds that, “if you or your dog can’t sit still for the whole process, do it over a few days.” Keep up with the brushing and combing of your dog’s hair to keep the knots away.

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  • Additional services: Tooth brushing, de-skunking, de-shedding treatments, and more.

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