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beagle next to potty accident

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Peeing in the House?


“Accidents” happen. 

But when your dog is consistently peeing and marking in the house, it’s important to take the right actions before it becomes a habit.

5 Things to Remember

  • Ask why. If you’re training a puppy, they are still learning when and where to go. Urinating indoors may be an inevitable part of the process, so be patient and provide lots of opportunities to go outside. Previously trained older dogs peeing indoors may have a medical problem such as a UTI – a urinary tract infection – or something more serious. If you suspect a health issue, consult your veterinarian.
  • Learn how long your dog can wait before going. Every dog is different. Some can hold it all day, others can’t. Monitor your dog (water consumption, time between “accidents”) and consider keeping a journal or a virtual log until you know his routine. Be vigilant for signs that he or she is ready to pee, such as sniffing the ground, checking in at the door, whining or circling. Your dog may not be able to wait as long as you thought. 
  • Special treats for going outdoors. When your dog goes outside – especially in a designated area that you want them to use – be generous with praise and dispense a special treat immediately after the dog has finished their business. Don’t keep your happiness a secret and don’t wait until you go inside to reward.
  • Don’t scold for something that happened in the past. If he has an accident, while he may look or act “guilty”, punishment after the fact doesn’t do anything to teach your dog the correct behavior. Too much time has passed between the accident and the consequence. Potty training should not be a frightening time for your dog. 
  • Consider a pet door. Canine Company offers Invisible Fence® Doorman Electronic Pet Doors as a solution that allows dogs to securely leave and re-enter the house as they want. It optimizes freedom, reduces anxiety (for everyone), and it can reduce or stop peeing inside.

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