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Is an Invisible Fence® System Worth It?


There are many “electric fence” systems out there, and they range in cost from around $400 on the low end to $1500-$2000+ for a premium underground electronic dog fence. 

Also, “Invisible Fence” is used by many people as a generic term, but in fact it’s the brand name of the most established product on the market, and it’s the only brand sold by Canine Company.

Invisible Fence costs more than competing products. Let’s talk about why.

4 reasons why Invisible Fence is worth it

  • Quality components. In Invisible Fence buried wire systems, the wire that forms the perimeter of your system needs to be of a certain quality level (insulation and thickness) to function reliably and maintain the signal field. Invisible Fence transmitter/control panels issue fully digital signals that are stronger than analog signals. The Computer Collar® is designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and reliable. It is completely customizable to your dog’s needs. These may sound like small differences, but when it comes to pet safety we believe quality counts at every level – and that’s why we sell, install, and service the Invisible Fence.
  • Design, installation, and training. With the Invisible Fence systems, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each system is configured and installed precisely to the owner’s property. We often sell Invisible Fence systems to pet parents who tried a DIY dog fence before realizing that it’s harder than anticipated. Plus, we provide on-site and online training from a certified Canine Company trainer to ensure that you, your family, and your dog know how the system works.

We often sell Invisible Fence systems to pet parents who tried a DIY dog fence before realizing that it’s harder than anticipated.

  • Added value to your home. There are different opinions on whether Invisible Fence systems increase the value of your home. It all depends on the buyer. If you’re selling your home to pet parents, they may value having a built-in dog safety system that keeps their yard open. But the real value is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pets are safe and free to roam your yard. What it doesn’t add is extra cost to your property taxes like a physical fence would. And if you ever move, you can take your electronics with you and have a wire installed at your new property.
  • Performance guaranteed. When you purchase the Invisible Fence system from us with the recommended professional training, we offer a 1-year pet containment guarantee so you get to see your fence working in all 4 seasons. Plus, unlike many mom and pop dog shops, Canine Company has the staff and the expertise to resolve any issues in the unlikely event that they occur.

Get a free custom design session for your property

  • Get a custom Invisible Fence design session online with a Canine Company expert.
  • You can involve other family members as you like.
  • GPS mapping enables us to look at your property and produce a custom layout and cost for your system.
  • Get more freedom and safety for your dog from a proven company with the resources it takes to take care of you and your dog.

Don’t DIY it. 
And don’t risk going with a mom and pop dog shop.

Receive a custom price for the Invisible Fence system