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Which Is Better: Invisible Fence®️ or GPS Systems?


Different technologies for different needs

There’s a reason why so many people ask whether Invisible Fence or GPS systems are better for dog security and safety. For anyone in the process of making a decision, here’s an overview of the key points to consider.

What to remember about Invisible Fence systems

  • Custom design. The underground wire of an Invisible Fence system can be configured precisely to your property. It can work across driveways, gardens, pools, natural and manmade water features, and other features of your yard.
  • A 2-4 inch deep incision is used in most lawn areas. Burying the wire protects your family, your dog, and the system itself. That’s why our installers use special equipment to make this incision.
  • Shorter training time. Dogs learn Invisible Fence boundaries early because the perimeter conforms to the features of the yard and its logical boundaries, such as hedges and gardens. The row of familiar white flags with “Canine Company” on them also is a visual cue that dogs learn quickly.

What to remember about GPS systems

  • Limited configurations. Some GPS systems create circular boundaries by using the dog’s collar as a central point and setting a radius from that point outward. The collar then activates a shock if the dog crosses the perimeter of the boundary.
  • No digging. The satellite-based technology of GPS systems means that once the boundaries are set, it’s ready to go to work.
  • Interference. Buildings, tree cover, solar panels, metal roofs, and bad weather can interfere with GPS system performance.
  • Unclear accuracy. There are reports that many GPS systems allow a dog to move 30 feet before a signal is activated. This can create confusion about just where the property boundary is, especially in city and suburban environments. This is one reason why GPS systems are better suited to large properties of 5 acres or more.

Get a free custom design session for your property

  • Get a custom Invisible Fence design session online with a Canine Company expert.
  • You can involve other family members as you like.
  • GPS mapping enables us to look at your property and produce a custom layout and cost for your system.
  • Get more freedom and safety for your dog from a proven company with the resources it takes to take care of you and your dog.

Don’t DIY it. 
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