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Your Puppy’s First Grooming

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It’s been said that a first dog grooming is a bit like a baby’s first bath or a child’s first haircut. It can be filled with anxiousness and apprehension. But with a few easy steps taken in advance of that first appointment, you can help your puppy begin a lifelong love of grooming.

4 Things to Remember

  • Preparation matters. During that first grooming, it’s important to make it comfortable and fun for your dog. From the moment your puppy arrives to your home you should be touching and tickling paws and ears to help your dog get used to being touched in sensitive areas. Also introduce your puppy to appropriate brushes and combs for their coat as early as possible. Be ready to have constant patience, and have treats ready to guide and reward the right behavior.  If you hire a professional groomer, watch how he or she approaches your puppy. They should do so with a calm, positive voice.
  • How soon to start. If you ask around, many people say that a puppy’s first grooming should take place at the age of around 16 weeks. At Canine Company it has been our experience that 16 weeks is often too long to wait for a puppy’s first grooming, especially for those puppies that will need to be on a professional grooming schedule their whole life, like curly coated breeds such as Doodles, Maltese, Havanese, etc. Canine Company can start earlier because we offer mobile grooming where your puppy will not come into contact with other dogs before they are able to get their full set of vaccines. Every dog is different and we recommend assessing each dog individually. 
  • Shorter is often sweeter. If you see signs of impatience and growing anxiety, cut the session short. Grooming can be an overwhelming experience of new sounds, sights, smells, and equipment, so if those first several sessions cause nervousness, just keep them short and extend them over time. Two or three sessions is enough for most puppies to be acclimated to grooming. 
  • Trust your groomer. There comes a time when you have to let your dog be cared for by someone else. When turning your dog over to a professional groomer, make your goodbye short and unemotional. When seeing your dog after grooming, stick to good behavioral habits and don’t let him or her start jumping up.

Get a Mobile Spa grooming session for your dog

  • Convenient scheduling.
  • Our groomers will arrive at your home and evaluate your dog’s individual needs.
  • The Mobile Spa experience includes Bubble Bath, Brushing, Drying, Nails, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, and coat glosses.
  • Additional services: Tooth brushing, de-skunking, de-shedding treatments, and more.

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