Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

The Canine Companies, Inc. respects consumer privacy and does not provide customer information to third parties. We also give our customers the option to opt-out from our marketing offers and the marketing offers of our marketing partners delivered via the internet or direct mail. If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, call 800-818-3647.

Unregistered Web Visitor Privacy

No personal information, such as a visitor's name, address, email address, or telephone number, is automatically collected on our web site, nor do we knowingly probe visitor computers for such information.

Registered Web User and Customer Privacy Policy

A "registered" user is one who has elected to establish an ongoing, personalized experience with The Canine Companies, Inc. through our web site and related resources. Most registered users are The Canine Companies, Inc. customers. The Canine Companies, Inc. may use personal information you submit to this site for research, advertising and marketing purposes, including sending you information about products and services that we think you will be interested in. The Canine Companies, Inc. customer, of course, may not be a registered web user, but the Company is committed to safeguarding privacy for any and all information gathered through non-web methods as well.

Opt-out Policy

From time to time, The Canine Companies, Inc. will make offers to our customers that we believe are relevant and useful products for their pets and home. You can tell The Canine Companies, Inc. not to use your information for marketing and educational purposes by contacting us at 800-818-3647.

Information Disclosure to Others

No customer information is shared with any other third party unless as required by law.

Cookies and Standard Web Practices may makes use of cookies for some features. It's not required to visit all pages on our site, but you will need to enable cookies to optimally perform some functions. A "cookie" is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you access a web site. Cookies can perform useful functions, such as allowing you to return to the web site and be recognized without having to restart an authentication process. Browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer allow you to block the storage of cookies. Be advised that some functions will not work optimally without cookies.

Privacy At Other Sites

When we provide links to other sites that we believe you may find useful, be advised that when you visit those sites, you will be operating under their individual privacy policies. We encourage you to carefully review their respective privacy policies.