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Complete Care Plan

Complete Care Plan

Price: $349.00

Brand: Invisible Fence® Brand

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  • Free Service Calls - For the repair of normal wear & tear to your system - equipment damage, wire breaks, control panel, or surge protector issues.
  • Annual Power Cap® Battery Plan - We'll automatically send you a new battery every 3 months - for a total of four batteries. No additional charges and shipping and handling are included.
  • Training Assistance - Unlimited containment training assistance for pet on the plan.
  • Extended Warranty - Extends manufacturer's equipment warranty for one year.
  • Free Service - Free mark-out service of Invisible Fence® System.

Canine Company's One-Year Complete Care Plan provides you with the best service/repair plan for your Canine Fence system. Plus, it also includes a Power Cap® Replacement Battery Plan which automatically sends you fresh batteries every 3 months. For your pet's protection, it is recommended that you change the batteries in your dog's collar every three months. All types of batteries have a limited shelf life and all Power Cap® batteries should be used within 12 months of receipt.

Complete Care Plan does not cover elective changes, intentional damage, or damage resulting from construction including major landscaping, equipment loss and consumable parts including batteries and nylon collars. There is an additional fee for additional pets.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Covered service only due to normal wear and tear. Plan does not include service due to heavy machinery or construction, or physical damage to electronics.
  • Reconfiguration or elective service call not included.
  • Equipment warranty does not include lost or stolen batteries or nylon collars.
  • The Complete Care Plan will automatically renew after one-year at a discounted rate.
  • Top Dog self-installed kits are not covered by the plan.
  • May only be refunded within 30 days after purchase or renewal, less any charges for any products and services used.
  • It is recommended that you change the batteries in your dog's collar every 3 months when Power Cap® batteries arrive in the mail.
  • There is an additional fee for additional pets.
  • Unlimited training assistance is available only after the initial containment training has been completed.