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Boomerang Dog Tags


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Boomerang Dog ID Tags are the most durable tags on the market. Unlike other tags, these dog collar tags do not use hooks or rings that can become worn down, caught, or detached from your pets collar. Our employees evaluated nearly all of the personalized dog ID tags on the market - the clear winner was the Boomerang Dog Tag.

The Boomerang tag is made of Non Magnetic Stainless Steel .060 thick (thicker and stronger than tags made of cheap metal) and is curved to match the natural curve of your dog's neck and collar. The Boomerang dog tag lies flat on your dog's collar - and will not catch on obstacles, wear down, or hurt the dog when running, jumping, and tumbling around!

This style goes on adjustable collars with snap type "buckles" and is compatible with nearly all Invisible Fence® Brand compatible collars.

This product is strongly recommended by our employees and their dogs.

How To Order:

  • Step 1. Specify Collar Width: Medium - fits 3/4 inch wide collar Large - fits 1 inch wide collar
  • Step 2. Add your personalized info for you and your dog.

Boomerang Tags will be shipped separately from the rest of the order and may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.

Note: If you are also purchasing a collar from us, please note the Lupine brand collars run 3/4" wide, while Up Country brand collars run 1" wide.