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Perimeter Wire - 50 feet

Perimeter Wire - 50 feet

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Brand: Invisible Fence® Brand

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Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment systems uses a direct burial single copper wire protected by a thick outer sleeve of insulation to establish the boundaries of your dog's underground fence. The wire is buried to create a hidden loop antenna that provides the radio signal for the system - and transmits the signal to your dog's Computer Collar® to remind your dog exactly where the fence is!

The Invisible Fence® Brand Perimeter Wire roll can be used for anything from short run applications and small repairs to a large run expansion of your Invisible Fence® Brand system. Choose from 50, 250, 500 and 750 ft spools of Invisible Fence® Brand Replacement Perimeter Wire. If you are repairing a wire break in your electronic dog fence, it is helpful to use the Wire Repair Splice Kit.