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Ultrasonic Indoor Bark Control


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Brand: PetSafe®

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The PetSafe® Ultrasonic Bark Control unit sits on a tabletop and trains your dog to stop excessive indoor barking. No collar is needed! A perfect way to stop your inside dog from excessive barking.

Here how it works: The transmitter emits two different ultrasonic sounds, a positive tone for rewarding good behavior and a negative tone for correcting unwanted behavior. The unit is activated whenever your pet barks.

The 2-second unpleasant ultrasonic tone correction (inaudible to most people) will help deter your dog from excessive barking.

  • Uses ultrasonic sound
  • Range up to 30 feet
  • Uses a positive tone for rewarding good behavior
  • No receiver collar required
  • Tone may be initiated manually or automatically
  • Uses a 9-Volt Battery

A thoughtful and ingenious way to help your dogs control their barking, from PetSafe®.