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Twisted Wire - 100 feet

Twisted Wire - 100 feet

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Brand: Canine Company

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Invisible Fence® Brand and other pet containment systems use twisted wire to carry a neutral signal from the transmitter to the perimeter boundary antenna.

The twisted wire does not transmit any signal to your dog's Computer Collar® - so your pet can safely play in any area where the twisted wire runs.

This roll of 100 feet is is used for longer run applications, and is also available in a 50 ft. spool.

If you need to repair existing twisted wire in your Invisible Fence® Brand or other pet containment system, a Wire Splice Repair Kit is also useful. You will typically need 2 repair kits to splice a break in twisted wire, or you can contact Canine Company to provide you with this service. Service may be scheduled by calling 800-818-3647 or by scheduling online.