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Ultrasonic Remote Trainer for Dogs


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Brand: PetSafe®

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The PetSafe® Ultrasonic Pet Trainer is the ultimate dog "clicker". If you've ever used clickers to train dogs - you know they associate good behavior with the "click" (and the reward that follows).

Now, imagine that you could not only click your dog from up to 30 feet away, but you could also have a Positive "click" and a Negative "click". With the Ultrasonic Pet Trainer - it's not a click but two different tones delivered via ultrasound (your dog's sensitive ears pick it up easily - you won't hear it). The hand-held remote allows you to instantly deliver a positive or negative tone to your dog.

The PetSafe® Ultrasonic Pet Trainer Kit features:

  • Ultrasonic sound
  • Range up to 30 feet
  • Uses a positive tone for rewarding good behavior, negative tone to deter unwanted behaviors
  • No receiver collar required