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30 ft Check Cord Training Leash

30 ft Check Cord Training Leash

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This 30 ft leash gives you the ultimate control over your dog, while still allowing your dog the freedom to move, run, and play. Used during play, the leash is long enough for you to play a great game of fetch with your dog - all while holding one end of the leash. It's a great way to honor local leash laws, keeping your dog under control at all times while giving them lots of running room.

Used during training, the leash is perfect protection for you. You can let the leash drag on the ground and focus on working with your dog, but if your dog decides to make a run for it, you have plenty of time to react and keep your dog close. Your dog learns the feel of obedience without being dependent on the leash. For the park, the backyard, the woods, or the beach - this leash gives you peace of mind and control at a distance - and your dog can just forget that it's even there.