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Potty Rock™ Dog Trainer


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Housetrain your dog the easy way with the canine potty training system - Potty Rock™ Dog Trainer. Eliminate dog urine stains and dead grass in areas of your yard you do not want your pet canine to go.


  • House training your dog will become virtually effortless
  • Fragrance will not "wash away" quickly in rain
  • Significantly reduces dog potty training time
  • Keep dog urine marks off your lawn
  • Works for male and female dogs

To Use:
Place the Potty Rock™ in an area you want your dog to use instead of letting him go everywhere. It is best if you point out the Potty Rock™ and designated area to your dog a few times, then praise your dog when they go potty in the spot you've picked. Your dog will learn quickly to use that area of lawn, rock bed, etc. for their needs, keeping other areas of your lawn green and spot free.