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Invisible Fence® DIY Top Dog Containment Kit


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Brand: Invisible Fence® Brand

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The Top Dog Kit from Canine Company®, featuring the authentic Invisible Fence® Brand, is the finest electronic dog fence system available today.

How It Works
The Invisible Fence® DIY Top Dog Containment Kit from Canine Company® creates a safe play area in your yard for your pets. Once you've received your kit, you'll be able to customize the layout and bury the wire around your yard followed by training flags to create a safe area for your pets to play in. You'll then set up the control panel in your home (the garage is a popular option) and your pet will wear the included Computer Collar® that produces an audible warning and then a safe static correction if he or she decides to challenge the boundary. Most pets learn quickly and are able to start enjoying their yards in less than two weeks. Additional collars can also be purchased for multiple pets in the home or when adding new pets to the family. 

Why You'll Love It
The Invisible Fence® system is there night and day to protect your pet and remind him of his boundaries. Your pet will love the safety and freedom to run off-leash in his own yard, and as a pet parent you'll love the convenience that the system provides and the peace of mind you'll get knowing that your pet is safe and out of busy streets.

Top Dog Do-It-Yourself Kit Includes:

  • A Computer Collar®
  • A ICT 800 Series Transmitter
  • A 3V Power Cap® Battery
  • 500' of Boundary Wire (1/4 acre)
  • 50' of Twisted Wire
  • 4 Wire Splices
  • Driveway Sealer
  • 100 Training Flags
  • Post Tool
  • 3/4 Posts and Post Cover
  • Backing Plate
  • Online Safe Dog Training Manual & Online Product Manual
  • House Sign
  • 1 year warranty on Transmitter and Computer Collar®