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Canine Field Vest - Large


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The Canine Field Vest is a dog jacket styled after horse blankets with a top quality nylon pack cloth exterior and deluxe tan fleece interior. Water and wind resistant for wet and cold weather, this coat will keep your dog warm. Adjustable strap with quick release buckles. Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat or line dry. Please note your dog's measurements, as these tend to run small.

  • Select your color: Red, Black, Tan, or Navy
  • Sizing: Large Measures 22 Inches Length and Neck
  • Girth is adjustable from 22-32 Inches
  • Dog Breeds: Smaller Labs, Labradoodle, Boxer

Choosing the right size for your dog is easy. Our dog apparel measurements reflect the neck to base of tail length (noted in the above photo in blue), neck measurement (noted in red), and girth measurement (noted in green).

More than an accessory:
A Canine Field Vest isn’t simply a fun accessory. It provides warmth, protects from the elements, and above all, keeps your dog warm and comfortable. You wouldn’t head out on a cold day without your coat - make sure your dog is properly attired as well.

Getting your Canine Comfortable Wearing a Vest:
When you put a vest on your dog for the first time your dog may attempt to roll around and scratch or bite at the vest because he is not used to wearing it. You may even get a look of "you’ve got to be kidding me" from your dog. These tendencies are easily cured with proper introductions. Put the vest on the dog around the house or in the backyard and then keep your dog occupied with a toy or a favorite game until your dog totally forgets about the vest. Repeat this process occasionally and it will become a routine.