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Muddy Paws MicroLite® Collar


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Brand: Lupine

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One of Lupine's most popular designs, the Muddy Paws design features brown and blue alternating paw prints on a brown/blue background.

Lupine collars are GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)

Collar is 3/4" wide.

The collar is pre-punched and heat-sealed: ready to accommodate your MicroLite® Computer Collar®. Simply measure your dog's neck or a current collar to provide the correct size.

Tips on how to choose the right size collar:

Collars are sized in inches, so the easiest way to determine what size you need is to take off your dog's current collar and use a ruler to measure it from end to end.

If your dog is growing or you have lost your pet’s collar and need to determine what size to get, place a leash or a belt around your dog's neck to determine the length needed and then measure it to determine the appropriate length.