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PetSafe Infini-Tug

PetSafe Infini-Tug

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Brand: PetSafe®

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The PetSafe® Infini-Tug Dog Toy provides you and your dog with a fun playtime experience. The durable braided fleece tug is approximately 45 inches in length and has a rubber ball for added tug grip. The tug is washing machine safe and quick to line dry. Training tips written by certified staff trainers are also included.


  • Durable - The durable rubber ball of the PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy provides an additional tugging grip
  • Easy to Clean- The fleece tug is machine washable; line dry
  • Training Tips Included - Help teach your dog basic commands and make playtime even more enjoyable with tips from expert trainers
  • Made of braided fleece