Supporting those who find & keep pets in their homes


We've impacted the lives of over 400,000 pets.

Our mission is to help pet parents keep their dogs and cats healthy, safe and happy. That mission extends to our philanthropic efforts too. We give back to the community by supporting pet welfare organizations and other initiatives that enhance the bond between pets and people and keep dogs and cats safe.

Shelter and Pet Rescue Organization Support

Did you know that approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters in the United States each year? We believe all animals deserve a love-filled life which is why we make a concentrated effort to support our local shelters and rescue groups. Last year, we donated more than $100,000 to support rescue and adoption, pet owner education and service animal programs.

You can join us in supporting these important causes by clicking on one of the logos at the bottom of this page. 

Pet Oxygen Mask Donation Program

When fire strikes a family's home, pets are more likely than people to suffer severe smoke inhalation because they can't get out of the house without help. Sadly, more than 40,000 pets across the country die each year because first responders don't have the right equipment to resuscitate them.

Our Mission: Save pets lives by donating pet oxygen masks to first responders.

Our pet oxygen mask donation campaign was created to ensure that firefighters and EMTs in the communities we serve have the life-saving equipment needed to resuscitate pets on-scene during an emergency.

The specially designed masks are cone-shaped so they fit over a pet's snout. And each set we donate includes masks in three sizes so a wide range of pets - from small mammals to giant breed dogs - can be helped.

Since 2015, we've donated 780 sets of masks to 310 fire departments across New England, New Jersey and New York.

Does your community have these life-saving oxygen masks?
If not, tell your fire chief or emergency service director about our donation program.
They can request one by writing to us at

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It's incredibly rewarding for our Canine Company employees to get involved locally in charity work and raising funds for pet-friendly endeavors. We encourage it and make it a part of what we do.

Giving back. It not only feels great to be in a position to do something positive in our surrounding communities - but it means so much to those on the receiving end. Canine Company continues to give back to communities throughout the northern U.S.


Supporting Those in Need