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What is Canine Love?

Canine Love is the premier destination for pet parents looking to improve their relationship with their dog. We are a community driven app that connects dog lovers with other dog lovers from all over the world. It’s a space where we can learn training techniques from the experts, share experiences and tips with each other, and just celebrate our best friends, together.

Canine Love will give you access to all things pet parenting, right in your pocket!

Download the Canine Love app and you’ll instantly gain free entry into The Dog Park, a social community full of dog lovers. In The Dog Park you'll be able to:

  • Connect and share your love of all things dog with new friends online.
  • Post pictures, videos, links, and comment with fellow dog-lovers.
  • Interact with Canine Love experts.
  • Watch training videos in our on-demand video library.
  • Have free access to our online pet shop—full of Canine Love expert-approved dog toys, grooming products, training tools, and more.

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Subscribe to The Pack for Exclusive Content

Step up your pet parenting game and obedience training with a 30-day premier membership to Canine Love! Subscribers will unlock exclusive member-only content in The Pack featuring:  

  • Instructional training videos
  • Live Q&A’s with pet experts on training, grooming, and wellness
  • One-on-one access to certified trainers
  • On-Demand webinars 
  • Quarterly boot-camps run by our pet pros
  • Exclusive discounts to our online pet shop

Think of this as a 24/7 virtual dog park that’s managed by pet experts!

Canine Love September Bootcamp

Summer is over and it’s time to get back to the grind. This sudden change in schedules can be tough on us and our dogs, which is why we created our Back to School Bootcamp. This on-demand and at your service 30-day program is run and designed by our pet experts with one goal in mind: to get you and your dog back on track and back on schedule!

Join our 4-week Bootcamp and you’ll learn how to: 

  • Foster a successful lifelong learner within your dog
  • Effectively transition into new schedules
  • Create a solid training foundation
  • Unleash a training addict within your dog
  • Find a balance between structured training and enjoyable family moments
  • Address separation anxiety
  • Correcting unwanted behaviors before they occur

How do I become a Back to School Bootcamper?

There are a few ways you can join the Canine Love bootcamps. All members of The Pack, our premium subscription, have exclusive access to the bootcamps for just $9.99 a month. Not a Pack member? Not a problem, click here to join.

All Canine Company Manners or eManners Obedience Training clients who purchase 6 or 9-packs get free 30-day access. To purchase your Canine Manners click here

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