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Why we use Invisible Fence® Brand electronics

Nearly 40 years ago, Canine Company’s founders searched for a more reliable way to keep their own dogs safe. Their search led them to Invisible Fence brand, the innovator of electronic pet safety.

Today, Invisible Fence brand is the largest manufacturer of pet safety electronics. They invest millions of dollars on research and development to ensure their products are effective and built to last for years to come. This is why more veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and other pet professionals recommend only Invisible Fence brand over any other type of pet protection technology.

Here at Canine Company, we would never cut corners when it comes to your pet's safety, so we exclusively use Invisible Fence brand products to help protect nearly 400,000 dogs and cats in the northeastern U.S.

Top 10 Reasons Why Invisible Fence Brand Is The Superior Choice

Invisible Fence Brand is the innovator of electronic pet containment systems. But the years don’t age them; they invest more than any other company in creating state-of-the-art technologies. Their technology, quality, safety features, and reliability can’t be beaten, Nearly 400,000 dogs and cats in the northeastern U.S. (and their families) have benefitted from the safety and protection of Invisible Fence technology.

B.jpgExclusive Boundary Plus® Technology:
Invisible Fence® Brand Boundary Plus technology is the only pet containment solution that can guarantee maximum play area while ensuring your pet is protected. With Boundary Plus, there’s more room to run, jump and play. Boundary Plus Technology ensures your pet can explore more of your yard, delivering up to 30% more safe play area. It is the perfect fit for any property, including small and unique yards as well as city and suburban lots. It can even work on properties with physical fences or walls! 
Other systems give your pet mixed signals, confusing him with a correction if he breaks the boundary and then tries to re-enter — which could keep him from coming home. With Boundary Plus technology, there are no “break-outs” where a pet might run beyond the signal’s reach. No confusion. No lockouts. No stress.


GPS 2.0: The Ultimate Wire-Free Pet Fence™ Solution

Wire-free. Worry-free. Introducing GPS 2.0 containment technology — the most advanced pet fence on the market. Invisible Fence puts the power of GPS satellite technology to work, so you can set customized boundaries in the size and shape you desire. No digging. There is no maximum yard size, however GPS 2.0 is suited for properties that are five acres or more in size. And best of all, no limits but the ones you choose. It’s a whole new way to live with your pet.

Keep your pet out of designated areas in your yard with the Shields® Outdoor Wireless Transmitter. Instead of keeping your pet contained within a defined area, this wireless system is designed as a barrier to keep your pet out of areas in your yard like your flower garden or pool. The outdoor transmitter is 100% waterproof and designed to look like a rock to seamlessly blend in with your outdoor landscaping. Great for owners of multiple pets who need to allow different pets into different areas of the yard. There's no limit on the amount of transmitters that can be used in one yard!

Make indoor areas off limits to pets using Invisible Fence®  Brand Technology. The Shields®  Plus Indoor Avoidance System gives you control over which areas your pet may visit inside your home. The unit can be set for 1-5 feet in all directions (2-10 feet in diameter), so it can be placed virtually anywhere - on chairs, under tables, near the garbage, or larger areas within your home.  

Works with outdoor and indoor solutions for total freedom and access

Bring the dream of a secure, safe pet door to your home. This programmable wireless electronic pet door lets your dogs and cats safely exit and re-enter your home – but keeps out unwanted critters. The Invisible Fence brand Doorman works with your pet's Computer Collar®, and is the perfect complement to your Canine Fence system.

Your Doorman can be installed and fitted in both interior and exterior doors. As your pet approaches the pet door his Invisible Fence brand Computer Collar will send a signal to the door allowing your pet through and locking the door behind them. The Doorman has custom programmable settings allowing you to lock or unlock your pet door day or night.

For homes with more than one pet, Invisible Fence technology is the only brand that can create different boundaries for different pets. Have a cat and a dog that need different spaces? No problem. You can create special areas for your cat to have access to (think kitty litter and eating areas) that are also protected from your pet. Or you can define different rules for indoor-only pets that live with indoor/outdoor pets. Invisible Fence brand is the only brand of electronics that will give us the flexibility to design the most effective pet safety solution.

Invisible Fence brand batteries purchased through Canine Company are the most reliable way to keep your dog or cat safe and happy.

With counterfeit batteries, power can drain too quickly or the battery casing can fill with water, putting your pet’s life at risk. Don’t trust your pet’s safety to imitation batteries sold on Amazon, eBay, or other websites as only Invisible Fence brand authorized dealers are able to sell PowerCap batteries.

A 1-Year Limited Warranty applies to all Invisible Fence® Brand and Boundary Plus® Series Transmitters as long as the original purchaser owns the equipment. Invisible Fence® Brand and Boundary Plus® Series Transmitters must be installed with an approved surge protection device and safe from weather elements. Warranty includes surge protector, the LP card and AC wall transformer.

Computer Collar® Units & Shields® Transmitters
A 1-Year Limited Warranty from the date of original retail purchase applies to Basic Computer Collar®, Platinum Computer Collar®, Titanium Computer Collar®, MaxDog™ Computer Collar®, Classic Computer Collar® Units, MicroLite™ Computer Collar®, Boundary Plus® Classic, Boundary Plus® MicroLite™, Indoor Shields® Transmitter, Outdoor Shields® Transmitter, Micro Shields® Transmitter, GPS Containment Systems, and Invisible Mask®. Warranty applies to electronics only and does not apply to Power Cap® batteries, posts, collar, casing, or cover.

Canine Company does not provide a warranty on Power Cap® batteries. Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® batteries must be used to power Invisible Fence® Brand equipment.

Canine Company is not liable for property damage sustained, economic loss or any consequential damages in connection with Invisible Fence® Brand products or installation.

We are excited to announce that in Consumer's Digest review of Pet Containment products, Invisible Fence brand Boundary Plus® earned a prestigious Best Buy designation. 'Best Buys' in underground Pet Containment systems are selected based on features, warranty, and the company's reputation for quality.

What is a 'Best Buy' and Why Does It Matter?

"A Consumers Digest Best Buy is a product that delivers exceptional value for a given amount of money. That doesn't mean that it's simply the least expensive product in its category. In general, a Consumers Digest Best Buy is one that merits special attention from consumers based on its combination of eight criteria: performance, ease of use, features, quality of construction, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and service requirements."
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