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In-home Manners obedience training, by Canine Company.

A well-mannered dog is a true joy, and Manners obedience training improves the quality of life - and the freedom - of both dog and parent.

Think of our Manners obedience training program as a finishing school for dogs, only the "school" is in the convenience of your own home.

This allows our professional dog trainers to provide a consistent learning experience that no group class can. We'll coach you on how to provide quality interactions and leadership for your dog. And, because no two dogs (or families) are alike, we'll create a training program that fits your specific needs. Best of all, we make learning fun for you and your pup.

5 reasons why Canine Company Manners Training is such a good investment for you and your dog.

1. You'll work with a Canine Company trainer: Certified, experienced, and ready to listen to your concerns and goals.

2. You will receive a customized program: Every family and each dog is unique. Our trainers work with you to set a program that directly addresses the specific behaviors of your dog in the environment that they reside.

3. We offer convenient, flexible scheduling: We come to your home (and yard) at a time that is convenient for you.

4. We provide training for family members: We will work with anyone age 3+ to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of our work.

5. You will benefit from comprehensive training: Canine Company trainers cover basic and advanced commands, including come when called, sit, no jumping, loose leash walking, no barking, stay down/lay down, wait, leave it, stop it, and more.

Why In-Home Training?

The value on in-home training

The truth for most of us is that our dogs spend most of their time at home.

This is where good behaviors take root - and where bad behaviors can develop. It's why Canine Company focuses only on in-home Manners obedience training.

Working directly with you and your dog in and outside your home, your certified Canine Company trainer will pinpoint the behaviors you seek to correct or establish. If your dog misbehaves in certain areas of the house or yard, we address the issues on the spot where they happen.

A focused environment, free from distractions

Unlike many group obedience classes, in-home training provides a focused setting where everyone involved can engage in the process (including the student). This enables specific goals to be set and accomplished.

Relationships matter

Your trainer is there for you and your dog 100%. The result of this commitment is the establishment of trust and a strong working relationship. Shy and fearful dogs especially can benefit from this kind of dedicated attention.

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Get the most from your relationship with your dog.

Canine Company offers in-home Manners obedience training for dogs of all ages and obedience levels.

Our 3-session package is a great start for any type of pet parent or dog.

  • Puppies. In just 3 sessions, we will start your puppy on the right track at home, establishing the groundwork for a lifetime of good manners during this most critical period of their development. We work with dogs 8-weeks or older.

  • Young and adult dogs. Many dogs have had some training, but not enough. Start with our 3-session package and we will pick up and continue from wherever training was left off.

  • Refresher course. It's easy to lose track of good behaviors, but dogs can regain them at any age and we can provide the knowledge and structure needed to help. A 3-session package is a great start to get good behavior back on track.

    Start living a better life with your dog today.

    Contact a Canine Company expert to discuss our 3-session Manners Training package.

    Just $399! (That's a savings of $48!)

    Additional packages and pricing

    • Single training sessions start at $149 per session
    • 6-session Manners obedience training package: $729 (That's a savings of $165!)
    • 9-session Manners obedience training package: $999 (That's a savings of $342!)

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    Meet Our Trainers

    Certified means qualified

    All Canine Company trainers receive 100 hours of training.

    They participate in a multi-tiered program that involves hands-on coursework in the field under the supervision of experienced trainers who know our standards and practices. Classroom and online instruction support their training as well.

    Relationship experts

    Manners obedience training is about relationships - starting with the one we have with you.

    Our trainers are skilled listeners who will first work on understanding your needs and goals, frustrations and challenges. They are experts at establishing and building confidence and overcoming insecurities and fears - both yours and your dog's.

    Meet our trainers

    Manners FAQs
    What is Manners?

    Manners is an in-home basic obedience training program to help you to create a well behaved dog. Manners is unique in its approach to dog obedience. Instead of exclusively training the dog, Manners instructors work on instructing you and your dog, as well as help to establish clear lines of communication between your family and your dog.

    What are the advantages of private in-home lessons?

    • You and your dog are more comfortable
    • Lessons are scheduled at your convenience and there is no traveling
    • You have our full attention which allows for customization of your training program
    • Behavioral problems can be better assessed in your home
    • More time spent with you and your dog means you should progress at a quicker pace
    • Group lessons require a trainer to address a whole spectrum of issues that may not affect you
    • Private lessons ensure no distractions from others and our complete focus is on your issues

    What are some of the behaviors you can help with?

    We can help you and your pet achieve good manners by helping with basic obedience and commands, crate training and housebreaking, digging, chewing, jumping, walking on the leash and more. We can customize a program to meet the needs of you and your pet, just let us know what you would like to work on.

    What is the best Manners training program for my dog?

    Every dog is different, and your dog will respond to Manners training in his or her own way. We recommend an initial group of 3 Manners Training sessions. This enables us to set goals and get your dog on the path to better behavior. When the 3 sessions are complete, you and your trainer can assess progress and determine the best options for moving forward.

    How much does Canine Company Manners Training cost?

    • Single training sessions start at $149 per session.
    • 3-session Manners training package: $399 (A $48 savings!)
    • 6-session Manners training package: $729 (A $165 savings!)
    • 9-session Manners training package: $999 (A $342 savings!)

    How many training sessions will my dog need?

    There's no way to tell exactly how many sessions your dog will need because every dog is an individual, and every home is different. However, our Manners trainers are very experienced and are typically able to understand your goals, assess your dog's potential and challenges, and provide a recommendation for how many Manners sessions will be needed. This is usually done at the conclusion of the first session, and a recommendation is made for how to proceed.

    My dog is really old; can he still be trained?

    Yes! We train dogs of all sizes, personalities, breeds and ages. Old dogs can most definitely learn new tricks!

    My dog is very stubborn; do you really think you can help?

    With some patience and persistence with the proper technique, we are confident that you and your dog can achieve your goals. Our Canine Company dog trainers have experience training a variety of pets each with unique personalities and challenges. The most rewarding part of our job is seeing results; the positive impact that training can have on the relationship between you and your dog.

    Can my kids participate with the training?

    The full responsibility of dog training should still remain with the adults, but that’s no reason to leave your children completely out of the process. Your child doesn’t have to be involved in the complicated aspects of training to bond with your dog. We encourage the whole family to be on board with your dog’s training program. We have techniques that can get family members as young as 3 involved in the training process. We can help teach basic commands, help them to get involved in the everyday care of the dog, show various activities and help with exercise routines.

    What hours and days do you offer training sessions?

    Manners training is offered Monday - Saturday. Appointments can be scheduled as early as 9:00 a.m. and as late as 4:30 p.m.

    What is the Canine Company approach to in-home training?

    • Make you and your dog comfortable. So there's less anxiety, fewer distractions, and a better training experience for all.
    • Keep it convenient. No traveling, no wasted time, and lots of flexibility in terms of when appointments are scheduled.
    • Keep it customized. We make sure that we're working toward specific goals that will improve your life, your family's, and your dog's.
    • Make it efficient. By addressing behavioral problems right in your home and yard, we can pinpoint the issues that need to be addressed and spend more time focusing on them. Unlike group lessons, which require a trainer to address a spectrum of issues that may not be relevant to you, our approach often results in learning at a quicker pace.

    Does Manners Training address excessive barking?

    Yes. We remind our customers that dogs bark to communicate, and they do this for many reasons: territoriality, fear, boredom, loneliness, playfulness, or just to say hello and seek attention. Working with you, we can determine why your dog is barking excessively, target the root causes of the behavior, and formulate the correct action steps to reduce barking.

    Can aggressive dogs be trained with Manners Training?

    Unfortunately, we do not work with aggressive dogs.

    Does Manners Training work for rescue dogs?

    Yes - as long as the dog in question is not overly aggressive. Sometimes rescue dogs have experienced neglect or abuse that can result in difficult behaviors. Our trainers are experienced in working with rescue dogs so that they can live happy, safe, well-behaved lives in your home.

    Do you help with housebreaking?

    Yes. This can involve a number of different factors including diet, schedule, exercise, and reinforcing good behavior. We will work with you to determine the best method for housebreaking, whether it's crate training, paper training, or making frequent trips outdoors. We also take into account the age of your dog, as adult dogs may require a different approach than a puppy. In any case, our goal is to establish a predictable pattern of circumstances and behaviors for you, your family and your dog that will ensure a happy pet, a cleaner home, and less work for you.

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    Client Testimonials
    "It was a wonderful experience"

    “We just had Rachel over to do some manners and gentle leader training. It was a wonderful experience. She was very considerate and knowledgeable. We can already see improvements in our dog's behavior. We would recommend her highly to others.” - Vincent D., Stratford, CT

    "she was AMAZING!!!"

    “We had a training session with Dawn and our Cane Corso Drake. I can't say enough about her - she was AMAZING!!! She really deserves the highest praise :-)” - Ellen & Barry J., Wilton, CT

    "already enhanced my relationship with my dog"

    "I think my instructor is wonderful. I have learned so much from Jessica, and I now have the confidence to be a good leader to my dog. The training has been great, and my trainer is very knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. She is a great mentor and instructs in a very clear and easy to understand manner. I appreciate everything she has taught me. Her training has already enhanced my relationship with my dog. My trainer gets an A+." - Deborah P., Meriden, CT

    "the Dog Whisperer"

    “My neighbor and his 2 kids called her the Dog Whisperer because they saw her in action with my dogs and were so impressed. Jessica took the time, caring and concern to be sure that I understood what she was demonstrating and why she was having me do the things I would be doing with my dogs. She is the first trainer who really spent the time talking to me and explaining the dogs behavior as well as how I should respond to any given behavior and why. It all started to make sense in a way it never had before.” - Mary K., Portland, CT

    "thoroughly knowledgeable on how to best train young dogs"

    “Trainer was well prepared for each lesson, arrived on a timely basis, and was thoroughly knowledgeable on how to best train young dogs.” - Pam H., Riverside, CT

    "an outstanding trainer"

    “Dan is an outstanding trainer. He is polite, professional, smart and intuitive. He has an easy-going personality and my dogs were able to sense his love for them. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who asks for a good trainer.” - Melanie S., Scarsdale, NY

    "firm but kind and loving to him"

    “Diana is the best! Abner responds so well to her. She is firm but kind and loving to him. She is also teaching Jayke new and old things. Couldn't have done this without her.” - Lisa H., Norwalk, CT

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