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Canine Company's dog walking and pet sitting service is just one more extension of our commitment to pets and their families.

At Canine Company, we're like family, only better. Why choose boarding – with its small spaces, strange smells and loud barking, not to mention viruses like kennel cough? Most pets prefer to be in their familiar environment where they can stretch out in their own bed. And why depend upon the kid next door, who might forget to show up and wouldn't know what to do in an emergency? Your furry friends deserve better.

Canine Company Pet Sitting is something different…something better. We’re not a kennel, not a franchise, not the kid next door and not a stranger’s home. We are caring pet professionals, with experience, with resources, with love.

With Canine Company Pet Sitting, your pets will enjoy all the comforts of home, the professional attention they need and they’ll be treated like one of the family.

Why Choose Us?

  • Staying at home means less stress on your pet 
  • Backed by 30 years experience working with pets
  • Our pet sitters are trained and certified in pet first aid and CPR
  • Your pet won't be stuck in a cage or exposed to viruses like Kennel Cough 
  • We have a team of pet sitters designated to your home so that we NEVER miss a visit 
  • We’ll provide detailed report cards of our visits as well as daily emails & photos 
  • We have 7 day support available from 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM in case you need to make changes to your reservation 
  • We are trained to provide medication and injections for your pet 
  • We are your in home pet specialists—try one of our other services, Manners Obedience Training, Pet Containment or schedule an appointment with our Mobile Pet Spa at the end of your vacation!
Call 800.818.3647 for more details!

How Does It Work?

1. Call our toll free Pet-Line to speak with one of our Pet Visit Coordinators, who will set up your pet sitting reservation! Pick from a variety of packages or tell us what you want and we will customize a stay just for you.

2. Prior to your first pet visit, we'll welcome you to the Canine Company Family during our free in home Meet & Greet visit. During this visit you will meet your Pet Visit Team Leader, receive the lock box for your house keys, introduce us to your pets and show us around your home.

3. Go out of town with peace of mind knowing that your pets are being well cared for and enjoying all the comforts of their own home. With digital updates and detailed reports of each visit upon your return, you can kick back and relax on your vacation.

Dog Walking Options

Play date Visit: One 30 minute daily visit (use on its own or combine). This is a great choice if you’re looking for a dog walker to let your dog out in the middle of your busy day.

Potty Break & Play Package: This package includes five mid-day play date visits that you can use throughout the week. During these 30 minute daily visits, we will take your dog out for some exercise and a potty break as well as provide lots of TLC. This is great for high energy pets who are home alone all day while their parents are busy at work.

Pet Sitting Packages*

Happy at Home Package: Three 30 minute daily visits. This is a popular package among pet parents with dogs as it follows a typical daily schedule.

  • Visit 1 - Early Morning - we’ll say good morning, give cuddles, and take them out for a romp.
  • Visit 2 - Mid-Day - we’ll play in the yard, give cuddles and provide a snack.
  • Visit 3 - Bedtime - we’ll go outside, give cuddles, say goodnight and tuck them in.

    Tender Loving Care Package : Four 30 minute daily visits. Our most popular package, this is great for most dogs and packs a little more attention into the day.

  • Visit 1 - Early Morning - we’ll say good morning, give cuddles, and take them out for a romp.
  • Visit 2 - Mid-Day - we’ll play in the yard, give cuddles and hand out treats.
  • Visit 3 - Evening - we’ll give belly rubs and take them out to play.
  • Visit 4 - Bedtime - we’ll go out once more before bed and of course give a kiss goodnight!

    Motherly Love Package: Three 30 minute daily visits plus one 60 minute visit during the day. This package is perfect for pampered pets and for puppies and seniors who need a little extra attention.

  • Visit 1- Early Morning - rise and shine, we’ll wake them up with cuddles and take them out for a romp.
  • Visit 2- Mid-Day - we’ll play in the yard, give belly rubs and provide a treat.
  • Visit 3- Evening - we’ll give cuddles and take them out to play.
  • Visit 4- Bedtime - we’ll go out once more before bed and of course give a kiss goodnight!

    Included with every package is customized care & TLC for all pets in the home. We will provide medication as needed, prepare meals upon request, let pets out in the yard, take a walk, or do whatever is necessary to ensure your pet’s comfort and happiness.

    *If a visit involves feeding pets, we do require a 15 minute upgrade to be added on for the safety and well-being of your pet.

    Additional Information:
    Visits are available on all major holidays for an extra charge.
    Meet & Greet visit is free.  You'll need to purchase a lock box for us to gain access to your home. This of course, you get to keep.
    The first 2 dogs (and additional smaller pets like cats, rabbits, etc.) are included in the package pricing. 

    Pet Sitting is currently being offered in the areas of Fairfield County, Connecticut - Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Wilton, New Canaan, Norwalk & Westport.

    Call 800.818.3647 for pricing and more details!
    Meet Our Pet Sitters

    We have a great team of pet sitters that we know you’ll love just as much as we do. Get to know them below!


    Cheryl: Cheryl grew up in a small rural town where she developed a real love for nature and a compassion for animals. Staying close to her roots, she now lives on a small farm with her husband, their two horses, four dogs and two cats. When Cheryl isn’t spending time at the farm with her family or out visiting pets, she volunteers at Guiding Eyes for the Blind where she helps socialize the puppies. Cheryl enjoys taking care of animals and having them. She understands the need for reliable and thoughtful care for her pets which is why she will take great care of yours. It’s her goal to bring a little joy into the lives of each pet she visits.

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: The Black Stallion

    Favorite Pet Memory: My Great Pyrenees during the winter every year. Bear would sit in the snow taking it all in, and then make snow dog angels! I enjoyed it so much because he did.

    Colleen: Colleen grew up in a home without pets, but that didn’t stop her from developing a love for animals. At an early age she knew she wanted to be around animals even if she couldn’t have any at her own home. That’s why she started walking and pet sitting for her neighbors’ pets. Fast forward a few years and now Colleen is a part of the Canine Company pet sitting team. When she’s not caring for her pet sitting clients, she’s busy at school, earning her certification in animal physical therapy.

    Paul: I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. I know how I want my pets treated when I can’t be with them, and I take pride in giving that same kind of treatment and love to the pets that I am sitting for. I have several pets of my own each with a unique personality, 2 dogs; Ruby and Lavender, 2 cats; Joshua and Liza, and 4 guinea pigs; Hyacinth, Petunia, Lily and Rose.

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: The Good Boy

    Favorite Pet Memory: I have such wonderful memories of the first great danes that had me as their human. I had always wanted to have a great dane. The opportunity came along a number of years ago to get a female harlequin great dane puppy. We got to the breeders house, at first not knowing which puppy we were going to choose, and as soon as I stepped out of the car I saw Gracie. I instantly knew she was the ONE. She was a bit aloof and independent, which made me love her even more. I spent her first night in our house sleeping on the floor cuddling her so she felt safe and loved.

    Karisa: Karisa’s passion for animals began early on and was nurtured by growing up in a household full of pets in her hometown of Norwalk, CT. At a young age she would babysit for neighbors as well as pet sit for family and friends whenever they went on vacation. Karisa is currently pursuing nursing but wants to share her love and compassion with not only humans but all different kinds of creatures and pets. She has a nine-year-old Brussels Griffon/Pug mix named George and a three-year-old Llasa Apso/Terrier mix named Juliette, who was rescued from Puerto Rico. She also has a Leopard Gecko named Louie who was also rescued.

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: Homeward Bound, Karisa loved the movie so much she actually had a Himalayan Persian cat named Sassy for 22 years. The same name and breed as the cat from the movie!

    Favorite Pet Memory: My favorite pet memory is when my husband and I adopted Juliette. She was the tiniest most adorable thing I have ever seen. I was concerned that George wouldn’t get along with her, but after they met and got comfortable they were running around and playing with each other. That was just about three years ago and they’ve been best friends ever since.

    Suzanne: Suzanne grew up in Ridgefield, CT and has always had a spot in her heart for animals. Her love for hockey was what ultimately decided the name for her handsome Black Lab, Henrick. In her free time, she loves reading, going to the beach and watching the New York Rangers. Suzanne can be considered reliable, funny and caring and will give your furry friends her utmost love and compassion.

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: Finding Nemo and National Velvet

    Favorite Pet Memory: When my husband and I adopted Henrick, we took him to our local baseball field where everyone met him. The kids were so happy to meet him and Henrick fit right in.

    Ami: Ami grew up in Fairfield, CT with nothing short of a zoo in her home. She has a total of 19 pets that include dogs, cats, turtles, various reptiles and a goldfish pond! Ami looks forward to providing love and care for pets while their families are away. She is kind, caring and a natural caregiver, so Canine Company was an easy choice for her. When Ami isn’t taking care of her household full of pets she likes to read, garden, dance and explore.

    Favorite Pet Memory: My cat Rifka sitting on my crossword puzzle every morning for 18 years!

    Charles: Charles is a motivated, organized and caring individual who has a passion for helping dogs. He volunteers twice each week at ROAR and knew Canine Company would be a natural extension of his love for dogs. Although Charles has no pets of his own he has no problem showing love to other familys’ furry friends. When he’s not working Charles loves to hike, work on classic British cars and travel.

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: Toto in The Wizard of Oz

    Favorite Pet Memory: Working with the dogs at ROAR and giving them the love and attention to ensure that they will be loving pets in their new homes.

    Linda: Linda grew up in Ridgefield, CT in a household full of pets, so she is used to showing animals love. Her motto is, “do what you love, love what you do”, so naturally she found pet sitting with Canine Company. Linda has three rescue dogs all from Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue (ROAR) named Rocky, Betty and Phil! When she isn’t taking care of her kids and pets, she likes doing yoga, tennis and gardening.

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

    Favorite Pet Memory: My favorite pet memory would be when our dog Rocky brought home a skunk at 6 A.M. while my oldest son called me on the phone to say, “I’m bringing my girlfriend over… please make sure the house doesn’t smell.”

    Samantha: Samantha is from Danbury, CT and has two chocolate labs named Abby and Cocoa! She is considered friendly, sociable and outgoing so your dogs will have plenty of fun when Samantha is watching them. She has volunteered multiple times at DAWS and is an avid dog lover so when she found us, it was a perfect fit!

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: Marley & Me

    Favorite Pet Memory: My favorite pet memory is when I took home Abby as a puppy, I wanted a dog since I was younger and taking her home as mine was amazing.

    Chris: Chris is an exceptional addition to our pet sitting team coming to us after his service in the military where he was an explosive dog handler. Chris has a natural love and appreciation for pets which stemmed from growing up in a household full of dogs. When he is not caring for pets as a Canine Company pet sitter, he works at a local animal hospital and resides in Norwalk, CT. Chris is trustworthy, understanding, very positive and your pets will love him!

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: Scooby-Doo

    Favorite Pet Memory: Getting my dog Scooter for my 12th birthday. He was the best dog and that was the best birthday!

    Dana: Dana grew up in Fairport, NY and moved to Norwalk, CT after graduating from the University of Vermont. Dana has a wealth of experience working with animals. At age 17, she began her first job working at a local animal hospital. Dana has a young bunny named Henry who is a two-pound fluff ball! She enjoys being outside, playing with Henry, baking and crafting. Dana always goes above and beyond what is expected and will be a great asset to the Canine Company Pet Sitting team.

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: 101 Dalmatians

    Favorite Pet Memory: The first time I came off of the bus from middle school and my dog came running to me for the very first time! It was the day after we rescued her. I used to dream about that happening and when it did, I could not stop smiling!

    Phil: Phil was born in Manhattan and moved to Ridgefield when he was six. He has a 13-year-old cocker spaniel who is just as much a family member as anyone else in his household. Phil has taken great care of neighbors’ dogs when they go away and is beyond excited to meet new pets and show them some love. In his free time he’s a huge movie buff and dedicated techie. Your pets will be in good hands with Phil!

    Favorite Fictional Pet/Film: Beethoven