Keeping Puppy Safe and Happy in Your YardYour puppy will be your shadow for his first few weeks in your home; he feels more secure when someone is near and is not yet brave enough to explore without you. Don't let this initial dependence lull you into a false sense of security: your dog WILL eventually find the curiosity to stray from your side -- and from your yard as well.

Sadly, over a million dogs are killed by cars each year because of that innate desire to explore. Canine Company was founded by the Hill family after they personally experienced just such a loss.

The good news is that most car-dog encounters can be prevented if pet parents take steps to supervise their dogs and contain them to their yards. There are three basic containment options: a tie out, a physical fence and an underground fence. Let's look at each:

Tie-outs. Tying a pet to a stake in the yard is fast and inexpensive. But it limits the pet's ability to explore and exercise, and there's evidence this leads to behavioral issues. What's more, your pet can get caught and injured by the tie-out, and it's a trip hazard for anyone walking across the yard.

Physical fence. Depending upon the type of materials used, this can be an attractive addition to your landscape. But, it's expensive to install, won't keep your dog out of flower beds, and isn't very effective: most dogs figure out how to dig under or jump over a fence, or to head for the gate when someone forgets to latch it.

Underground fence. We believe the Invisible Fence® brand electronic system is the best of all worlds: your dog has freedom to run and explore within defined boundaries that give you peace of mind he is safe. It can be installed in any shape yard -- including around flower beds and pools -- and is reasonably priced in addition to being "invisible."

A puppy can start to learn her boundaries as young as eight weeks old, so she is properly trained before the wanderlust kicks in! You can learn about the benefits of Invisible Fence® here.

Whichever method of containment you choose for your puppy, don't wait for him to wander away -- take action before that happens to keep him safe.