We’ve Donated Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to 59 More CommunitiesWe are proud to report that, through our pet oxygen masks donation campaign, we provided 173 sets of the masks to a total of 59 fire departments and rescue squads across Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey during 2017.

What's more, masks that we have donated were used to save the life of six pets - two dogs, three cats and a rabbit - during the year.

Canine Company also gave first responders more than 5,000 "Pets Inside" decals to distribute to families with pets in their communities. The decals alert police, firefighters and EMT's that there are pets in the home in need of rescue.

Since we began donating the life-saving equipment in 2008, Canine Company has provided more than 960 sets of masks to over 400 fire departments and EMS units across the six states we serve.

The donation program is in keeping with our company mission of helping families keep their pets healthy, safe and happy at home. We do that with the products and services we offer, but also through our charitable programs like our pet oxygen masks campaign.

We look forward to continuing to donate the masks to first responders in the coming year. Fire and EMS departments that do not yet have the masks can learn more about the donation program on our Canine Love page.