Brush Up your Dog’s Manners before Holiday Company Arrives
This season of celebration is upon us and it can be a tough time for our dogs. 

Dogs are happiest when they have a regular routine. During the holidays, the household schedule is disrupted, furniture is rearranged, guests come and go. So, we shouldn't be surprised if our dogs forget their good manners. 

Our team of professional dog trainers share this advice for helping your dog through the holiday festivities.

First, do a manners refresher. Spend a few minutes each day practicing important commands -- like "sit," "down," "come" and "stay" -- so they are fresh in your pet's mind. You can incorporate training easily into daily routines; for example, put him in a "down-stay" before feeding.

Next, tackle behaviors that are a problem during the holidays, like jumping up on guests or barking at them as they enter the home. Changing problem behaviors takes practice and patience and you might want the help of a professional dog obedience trainer if problem behaviors are severe.

Third, create pet-free zones in the house for guests with allergies, or to keep pets away from food service areas. Doggy gates are great if you are isolating an entire room, but to keep your pet away from the buffet table or Christmas tree, nothing beats the Invisible Fence Shields® unit.

Finally, don't forget some one-on-one time. More than anything, your dog needs time with you. A happy dog is less likely to act up to get our attention. So, even though you're busy with holiday preparations, be sure to build in time for play and snuggles.