Get the Family Dog Ready for Outdoor Fun with a Spring Training Refresher

Practicing basic skills, like sit and stay, is important for your dog’s safety and your own.

Now is the perfect time for an obedience training refresher, says Traci Simo, head of Manners Training for the Canine Company®.  She offers the following suggestions for preparing your dog for spring and summer fun:

Reinforce the basics. It’s important -- for your dog’s safety and your own – that she respond consistently to basic commands like “sit,” “stay” and “come.”  It’s easy to let these slip over a winter spend in the house.  But, just a few minutes of practice once or twice a day will refresh these all-important obedience skills.

Add distractions. Even a well-trained dog may “forget” his training and take off after a squirrel or the neighbor’s cat.  So, once you’ve refreshed the basics, add some distractions. Put him in a “sit-stay” and then have someone roll a ball or toss a toy across the room. Practice until he holds his position.

Take a training class. If your dog has never been trained or if you aren’t sure how to refresh his skills, consider hiring professional help. Canine Company’s Manners training takes place right in your home and is customized to your pet’s and family’s needs. It’s also surprisingly affordable.

Do a boundary refresher. If you have an electronic pet boundary system, like Invisible Fence® Brand, it’s important to remind your pet of his safe area -- especially if he hasn’t been using the yard in the winter snow. If you don’t have one, this is a good time to schedule installation, so your dog can spend the coming months romping safely across the yard – burning up all that energy stored up during the ice and cold.