Training Your Dog with the Invisible Fence®

When it comes to keeping your dog happy, healthy, and safe within your yard, installing the Invisible Fence® Brand system is just one part of the equation. Proper training is a major component to maximizing the effectiveness of the Invisible Fence® Brand, which is why the Canine Company® offers in-home training that can teach both you and your dog how to live happily within the confines of the Invisible Fence® Brand.

Once you have installed the Invisible Fence® Brand system, one of our professional trainers will come to your house to train your dog. Your trainer will teach your dog the newly installed boundaries, and introduce your dog to the mild static correction that reinforces the boundaries. Without proper training, your dog will be unaware of the boundary line, and may consistently test the parameters. This can place undue stress and aggravation on your dog, who will have no idea why he keeps receiving a correction. With proper training, your dog will understand where he can and cannot go, and will properly react to the warnings given to him by the Invisible Fence® Brand system.

Proper training is the safest, most effective way to establish a parameter around your house that your dog will respect.

Beyond training dogs to live stay safely in their yards with an Invisible Fence® Brand system, Canine Company® also offers a professional in-home obedience training services called Manners. Manners works to ensure your furry friend becomes a well-mannered member of your family. It helps to create harmonious relationships between the people and pets in your home. The in-home obedience training is conducted in your home, so the dog is taught in his environment, which provides a more realistic, consistent learning situation. This training will also help you provide structured leadership to help you and your dog live a happy, healthy life together.

Installing the Invisible Fence® Brand system is a great first step in protecting your dog. Be sure to make it as effective as possible with proper training. Speak to a representative today to see how Canine Company’s expert Invisible Fence® Brand training protocols can increase the enjoyment and effectiveness of your new Invisible Fence® Brand system.