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Rascals Hi-Vis Figure 8 Rope Tug


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Tug and chew all day with the Rascals® 12" Figure 8 Rope Tug with Ball Dog Toy! This durable rope toy gives your dog hours of fun with strong knotted material. Perfect for playing tug of war, this toy can withstand even the toughest tugging and chewing. Plus, its looped design makes it easy to grasp during play.

For even more fun, the toy also features a ball toy. Your dog will love that the textured material also keeps their teeth and gums healthy too.

This product is actually designed to be visually appealing to dogs since they see the world through various shades of blue and yellow. Unlike regular toys, this product will stand out in your dog's eyes. Designed with the blue/yellow spectrum in mind, the Rascals Hi-Vis Figure 8 Rope Tug will be stand out, appear crisper compared to other toys, therefore creating an enhanced play experience.