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Invisible Fence® Brand Systems for Cats

Freedom, indoors and out.

We may be called Canine Company, but we never forget our feline friends. We offer an entire range of Invisible Fence® Brand systems for cats. Whether you need to keep your cat safe in your yard, or out of specific rooms in your house (we're talking to you, allergy sufferers), we can create your perfect cat protection and containment system.


Indoor Solutions

Invisible Fence® Brand Indoor Shields® keep cats away from certain areas, rooms, items or even other pets. And because they are portable, you can make any space a cat-free zone. Perfect for keeping them out of the nursery, off the dinner table and away from kitchen counters.

Looking for more harmony in your home? Indoor Shields® units keep dominant cats at bay, so more passive felines have full access to food and litter boxes. Also, in homes with cats and dogs, our solutions keep your dog away from cat food or litter areas. Canine Company provides solutions that allow all your furry family members to live in harmony, keeping everyone safe and happy.

Outdoor Solutions

Invisible Fence® Brand outdoor solutions allow cats to enjoy outside activity in the areas you define, without roaming off your property. You can keep them away from bird feeders, tree lines, roads and neighboring dogs and cats. Let your cats take advantage of the great outdoors while protecting them from danger.

Invisible Fence® Solutions