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Doorman Access Solutions Pet Door

Let your pets come and go as they please.

Bring the dream of a secure, safe pet door to your home. This programmable wireless electronic pet door lets your dogs and cats safely exit and re-enter your home – but keeps out unwanted critters. The Invisible Fence® Brand Doorman works with your pet's Computer Collar®, and is the perfect complement to your Invisible Fence® Brand system. Contact Canine Company today to upgrade to a Doorman compatible system.

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How it works

  • As your pet approaches the pet door, his Computer Collar® sends a signal to the door, allowing your pet through and locking the door behind them.

  • Custom programmable settings allow you to lock or unlock your pet door day or night.

  • Doorman Access Solutions can be fitted in both interior and exterior doors.

Open your home to pet door happiness the easy way. The Doorman™ Access Solution is compatible with the Boundary Plus® or 800 Series Transmitters and MicroLite®, Boundary Plus® receiver, or Maxdog® Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® units.

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