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Indoor Invisible Fence® Solutions for Dogs and Cats

Never say "off" again.

Canine Company offers a variety of innovative Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment systems for INSIDE your home. Invisible Fence® Brand's small, wireless transmitters, or Shields® work seamlessly with your pet’s Computer Collar® unit to keep any area of your home off-limits. Simply place the portable unit in the space you want to keep pet-free. The signal field can be set from 2 to 12 feet in diameter. Stop pets from trash can diving, counter surfing and couch sleeping – all without doggie gates. Indoor solutions are ideal for keeping allergy sufferers’ rooms pet-free, too.

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How it works:

Our Shields® (indoor pet containment transmitters) are portable and designed to work with your pet's existing Computer Collar®. The indoor transmitters can be hidden behind furniture, underneath stairs, in between doors or mounted on a wall. Since the signal field is adjustable, you can protect as large or small of an area of your home as you'd like.

  • Place your Shields® units to create pet-free zones or Micro Shields® units for specific items (such as trash cans or chairs).

  • Canine Company trainers will teach your dog or cat where the pet-free zones are.

  • Pets that have already been trained to an outdoor Invisible Fence® system will have a seamless transition to learning new indoor pet-free zones.

  • Should your dog approach the boundary, the Computer Collar® unit delivers a warning tone and, if needed, a very gentle static correction.

With indoor solutions, you won't have to remember to keep gates and doors closed. Counter surfing and trash can diving won't be a problem ever again! Contact Canine Company for your indoor pet containment online consultation.

Invisible Fence® Solutions