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Manners Program

At Canine Company, we believe that a well-mannered dog is a true joy, and our Manners obedience training improves the quality of life for both dog and parent. We’ll create a program specific to your dog's training needs, using a variety of tools and personalized training to coach you on how to provide quality interactions and leadership for your dog.

5 Reasons why Canine Company Manners Training is a great investment for you and your dog.

1. You’ll work "one-on-one" with a Canine Company Trainer: certified, experienced, ready to listen to your concerns and focused on reaching your goals.

2. You’ll receive a customized program: Our trainers work with you to address your dog’s specific behaviors where they take home.

3. We offer convenient, flexible scheduling as well as virtual lessons!

4. We provide training for family members age 3+ to ensure consistency and make it more fun.

5. You will benefit from comprehensive training: Canine Company trainers cover basic and advanced commands, including come when called, sit, no jumping, loose leash walking, no barking, down, stay, wait, leave it, gentle, and so much more.

Get the most from your relationship with your dog.

Canine Company offers at home and virtual Manners obedience training for dogs of all ages and obedience levels. An eManners Virtual Introductory Trial is a great start for every pet parent and dog! Prefer we come to your home? Schedule an At Home Manners Introductory Trial and our trainers will come to you!

Puppies. New puppies are our specialty! Our trainers will start your puppy on the right track at home, establishing the groundwork for a lifetime of good manners during this most critical period of their development. We work with dogs 8-weeks or older.

Rescue/New Adoptions. Did you recently adopt a new dog and need help getting your new dogs acclimated into the family? Our trainers are here to ensure that your dog’s new forever home is full of love and stress free.

Young and adult dogs. Many dogs have had some training, but often need more. Our trainers will pick up and continue from wherever training was left off. Yes, your dog can be one you are proud of; you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Refresher sessions. It's easy to lose track of good behaviors or develop new unwelcomed ones over time. Many of our clients like the idea of refresher training sessions to ensure their dog’s good manners are consistent. Your dog can regain bad habits at any age and we can provide the knowledge and structure needed to help.

Scheduled Appointment and Make the Whole Family Happy. In our busy lives, we struggle to find that uninterrupted quality time to spend with our dogs that they desire. With a scheduled appointment, the time is dedicated and focused only on your dog. Our training process is not just effective in meeting your goals, it is fun! Your dog will enjoy all the love and praise…and yes, there are few treats too! Overall, the time spent is a positive bonding experience for the whole family!

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