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Outdoor Invisible Fence® Solutions

It's important to set boundaries.

An outdoor Invisible Fence® Brand system protects your pets, maintains the natural beauty of your property - and does it at a fraction of the cost of traditional fencing. The Invisible Boundary® wire can be installed practically anywhere, from hilly/rocky terrain to wooded areas, and even underwater!

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How the Invisible Fence® Brand system works:

For over 30 years, Canine Company has installed and personalized training for Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment systems. Here's how the installation process works:

  • A hidden wire is installed around your yard and attached to a control panel in your house/garage. Flags are placed to mark the boundary.

  • Using positive reinforcement, Canine Company trainers teach your dog where the boundary is.

  • Should your dog approach their boundary, the Computer Collar® unit delivers a tone and a very gentle static correction.

Thousands of pets and their parents have seen just how effective, liberating and comforting an outdoor Invisible Fence® can be. See for yourself by setting up a free online consultation today.

Exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology: 

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More room to run, jump and play.

Invisible Fence® Brand offers the only pet containment solution that can guarantee maximum play area while ensuring your pet is protected. With our revolutionary Boundary Plus® technology, your pet can explore every inch of your yard with up to 30% more safe play area. This innovative system is ideal for any property, and is the perfect fit for small and unique properties, as well as city and suburban lots. It can even work on properties with physical fences or walls! And the Invisible Fence® Brand's exclusive Boundary Plus® pet fence is rated a Consumers Digest "Best Buy" in the underground pet-containment category.

All other professionally installed pet containment systems use traditional technology, which sends a signal out 6 feet in all directions from a buried wire (12 feet across). We use the analogy of a 12-foot-wide stream; once a dog crosses the stream, the dog is on the other side and can’t cross the stream again without getting a correction, which will likely keep the dog from returning to the yard.

What makes Boundary Plus® truly unique is the unmatched technology that has revolutionized the category. Boundary Plus® is like being on an island, surrounded by ocean. It extends a virtually endless signal beyond your yard’s edge, meaning there is no "other side" of the boundary. Should your pet cross the boundary, the collar will continuously tone and correct until your pet turns around and comes back into your yard. Once your pet crosses back into his safe zone, the Computer Collar® shuts itself off and automatically resets, making it the only behaviorally correct technology out there!

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GPS 2.0: The Ultimate Wire-Free Pet Fence Solution

Wire-free. Worry-free. Introducing GPS 2.0 containment technology — the most advanced pet fence on the market. Invisible Fence puts the power of GPS satellite technology to work, so you can set customized boundaries in the size and shape you desire. No terrain restrictions. No digging. There's no maximum yard size, however GPS 2.0 is suited for properties that are five acres or more in size. And best of all, no limits but the ones you choose. It’s a whole new way to live with your pet.

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Invisible Fence® Solutions