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Get a Free "Pets Inside" Decal

Let firefighters know there are pets in your home!

When fire strikes a home, the family pets are usually the ones at greatest risk. That's because pets don't know they need to leave the building. They hide in fear. Sadly, smoke inhalation takes an estimated 40,000 pets' lives each year. The firefighters in your community want to rescue pets. We know, because they asked for a donation of pet oxygen masks from our Pet Oxygen Masks campaign so they could resuscitate rescued animals.

But your first responders can't rescue pets if they don't know there are any in the home. Putting our "Pets Inside" decal on your front door or window will alert them to look. And that could save your pet's life.

Just follow the link below to fill out the form and we will mail you a free decal for your home.

Get your FREE Canine Company "Pets Inside" Decal HERE!