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Invisible Fence® Brand Dog and Cat Training

Our Canine Company certified trainers have successfully trained dogs of just about every breed, size and age on the Invisible Fence®. Our behaviorally correct training uses advanced techniques to teach your dog the boundaries of your property in a safe, humane and effective manner. Get the most out of your new Invisible Fence® Brand system with a training plan customized for your pet.

Canine Company Smart Start Training

Our proprietary Smart Start training gives clients and their pets easy-to-follow steps to learn how to use their Invisible Fence® Brand system. You will be encouraged by your dog's awareness of the system as we coach you through the training process. Right from the start, you will see your dog enjoying your yard while learning his boundaries. Our training is gentle, effective and fun. Smart Start pet training reduces your anxiety and the time you spend in teaching the system. In just a few days, your dog will begin to understand his new boundaries.

Off to a Perfect Start

Our Perfect Start training is the ideal early training method for puppies as young as eight weeks and pets with special needs. Additionally, this stress-free training method is ideal for pet owners with physical limitations. Canine Company trainers help you bring Perfect Start training conveniently inside your home using the innovative Shields® transmitter. This allows pets to discover their new boundaries without being frightened. Perfect Start training increases comfort and confidence levels in both the pet and pet owner, strengthening a positive relationship.

Invisible Fence® Solutions